• mon manifeste / my manistesto

    As a Freelancer, this is what I believe in.

    Make Things Happen

    I believe that we have the choice to do what we crave for, whatever your age, origin or money onto your bank account. Life is too short to have regrets. Make things happen. Keep moving, anytime and anywhere. Never stop creating.


    Independance is one my value. Because I believe more in people, less in the system. We are the ones who make things change and evolve. We have to use that power to invent a life that suits us, and do not let others dictate what they think it's good for us.


    Sometimes, people don't understand why I give too much. I don't care, because an act of generosity can change a life. It has changed mine. So I have to give back what I have been given. Generosity creates beautiful connections.


    Today, we can get in touch with people and ideas wherever they are located. That helps me to invent and re-invent myself all the time.


    Former CEO of a company, employee,... Now I am a freelancer, and proud to be one, though that could be tough. I love being a freelancer because it allows me to choose the life I want.